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Blended Family

About Terri  

The Call of God

In 1994 I heard the call of God to bring the Gospel to the lost and to build up believers through the teaching of His Word. 

In my life, this has translated into a three-fold ministry. The first is to women, the second to marriage and families, and the third is to the nations.  I recognize that these are very diverse in nature; however, because of various circumstances in my life since becoming a Christian in 1974, I believe God has called me to all three, and I have responded by establishing ministries in each.  These three ministries are under the umbrella of Terri Clark Ministries, Inc., a 501(c)3 corporation. 

How Terri Clark Ministries Began:

Terri began in 1994 by teaching God's Word in her home church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. From there, she has traveled extensively, throughout America, Asia, Africa and India, teaching the Bible in retreats, conferences and seminars.


Ministry to Women:

Break up your fallow ground, For it is time to seek the LORD (Hosea 10:12) 

Fallow isn’t a word we use every day...  So, what does it mean?  
Fallow ground is potential farmland that is undisturbed.  It is good ground that has not yet been prepared for seed.  It has to be broken up with a hoe so the seed can go down into the ground, grow and bear fruit. In other words, it needs a sharp edge... It would be difficult to break up hard, undisturbed ground with bare hands.  Even with gloves, bare hands couldn’t chop it up.  We can’t do it on our own.  We need the strong arm of the Lord, the sharp edge of His Word and a laborer in the field.

In women’s ministry, Terri feels God is calling her to this field of prepare and to equip women with the right tools to break up that fallow ground--with the sharp edge of God's Word.  It is planting season!  It's time to prepare hearts to better receive Him and the blessings He wants to produce in our lives.  His mercies are new each and every morning.  

As a woman, Terri Clark has a passion for ministry to women of all ages, backgrounds, social groups and cultures.  This is where she began to answer the call of God on her life in 1994 by leading a Ladies Bible Study in her church.  Terri lead this Bible Study for seven years and to this day, even though traveling extensively, she has continued to serve in women’s ministry in her home church.  Since 1994, Terri's ministry has impacted women throughout America, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Uganda and Kenya for Salvation, Edification, and Healing.    


Marriage & Family Ministry:

Terri and her husband, Harvey, married in 1990. They each brought three children into the marriage, creating a blended family.  As a Christian, Terri thought this would be easy.   However, she was unprepared for the emotional issues which are common in stepfamilies.  Additionally, Terri soon discovered how very few helpful resources were available to the church.  As their children grew and eventually moved out on their own, Terri encountered many other couples in similar situations.  To this end, she decided to take what God had given her in the application of the Bible to her own blended family and wrote a book to help others.  Terri's book, Tying the Family Knot, was published by Broadman & Holman Publishing Co. in 2004. 

The release of Tying the Family Knot launched her blended family ministry. This includes family conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as numerous radio interviews throughout the nation. Additionally, Terri has written numerous family related articles in various national magazines such as Focus on the Family's Thriving Family Magazine, Home Life, Parent Life, and others including a monthly column which ran seven years entitled The Right Blend, in Living With Teenagers Magazine (now called Parenting Teens Magazine, a Lifeway Publication.  

Terri offers a series of Tying the Family Knot seminars and workshops for parents, counselors, teachers, church leaders and anyone interested in learning more about blended families. Workshop topics range from "Perplexes of the Exes" to "Becoming One: The Blended Marriage" and run from one hour to three hours to full day teachings. Terri's teaching offers practical advice for a blended family or anyone connected with a blended family to utilize.


Ministry to the Nations:

Terri Clark Ministries began its ministry to the nations in 1998 when a Ugandan woman named Monique Mubiru attended the Bible study Terri was leading.  Monique invited her to come to Uganda to speak in a women's conference in 2001.  Terri spent three weeks in Uganda and Kenya sharing the Gospel with the lost and teaching the Word of God to Believers.

Returning home, Terri was torn in her call between women, families and reaching out to the nations.  After much prayer, she incorporated Terri Clark Ministries and applied for tax-exempt status with the IRS.  After receiving a 501(c)3 tax exemption, TCM was able to work on projects in America, Uganda and other nations in the world.  

Since her initial trip to Africa in 2001, TCM has partnered with Monique's ministry to build a three story hospital in Ntinda, a city on the outskirts of Kampala. The Ray of Hope Medical Center has completed construction of the second floor, and construction is ongoing.

The child sponsorship program has enrolled over 500 needy children with over 200 of these sponsored by caring people from around the U.S. 

 In addition to the medical center and children's sponsorship program, TCM is working in partnership with Monique's husband, John Mubiru and his team of Ugandan Christians evangelizing and planting churches in the remote regions of Uganda.

Because of the incredible need of the African people and the desire to follow the great commission given by our Lord, Jesus Christ, Terri Clark Ministries regularly leads short-term mission teams to Uganda for Crusades, Pastors Conferences, Women's Conferences, Medical Missions and other types of missions as the Lord leads.


Business:   Terri and Harvey Clark are business owners in Arkansas.  Harvey started his wholesale manufacturing company, Clark Industries, Inc. in the late 1970s as a pioneer in reproduction auto parts.  Clark Industries, Inc. has been recognized as a leader in the nation and internationally for manufacturing over 3000 different reproduction parts for classic and muscle cars.  Today, Clark Industries, Inc. is known nationally and Internationally for their Spyder Motorcycle parts manufacturing, Spyderpops.  Terri and Harvey each enjoy riding their Spyders when they aren't busy with business or ministry work.

On a Personal Note...
On a Personal Note...

Terri and her husband, Harvey, share a passion for riding their Can Am Spyder motorcycles.  They are actively involved in Spyder Events around the country.  And yes, Terri rides her own Spyder... Once she learned to ride, she said her back-seat riding days were over.


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Terri Clark Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, publicly supported non-profit corporation.