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Shadow's From the Past
Learning your new spouse in a second marriage.

Discipline Discord
Balancing discipline in a
Blended Family

What others have said after attending

Terri's Seminars and Workshops:

  • Thanks, Terri, for a great experience at the Tying the Family Knot seminar. The people and technology you've assembled are all very professional and first-class. As an architect I attend a lot of seminars, and this was one of the best. It's fast-moving, sharp, savvy....dynamite! My wife and I came away smarter, stronger, and better prepared. For anyone who is divorced, remarried, and blending a family, this seminar is a MUST! Thanks again! ~~~
  • I am currently a counselor, and I thought I might benefit from this workshop by learning how to assist my children and their families that are in this situation at school. I learned not only how to assist my children and their families but I also applied many aspects of the workshop to my own family. Various aspects helped me in situations with my own children and spouse. Mrs. Clark helped me look at things with a different perspective.~~~
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to share the resources of your own experiences and the knowledge gained through trial and error to the heart of success. The resources made available through this workshop will make a valuable addition to our "tool box" for the success of our family. ~~~
  • The group discussions were beneficial. The interaction of ideas is interesting. Most every scenario was covered--with Christ-centered direction for the answers.~~~
  • It was heartwarming to hear all the different ways the families are blended and I got several ideas on how to do things differently with my stepson.~~~
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