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Child Sponsorship Program FAQ's

  • How is Terri Clark Ministries Child Sponsorship Program different?

There are many "child sponsorship" programs, but there are four major points that make TCM's program uniquely different than the rest.

1. It is a sponsorship for a child's EDUCATION. We are giving a HAND-UP rather than a HAND-OUT. Teachers tutor children who are behind in the Saturday program.

2. 100% of your sponsorship money benefits the children. It pays tuition, buys uniforms, books and supplies. None is used for overhead, salaries or expenses. We have a separate fund which is wired monthly to cover those costs.

3. Because it is on a much smaller scale than the larger organizations like World Vision or Compassion International, it is more personal with opportunities for correspondence, follow-up and even meeting the children.

4. In addition to being a child education sponsorship program, it is evangelistic. In the Saturday Program children learn about Jesus.

In the nation of Uganda, public schools have a very high child/teacher ratio anywhere from 75-150 children per teacher. There are very few school materials, and the quality of education is very poor. Even though the cost is less than private schools, most Ugandans will not send their children to these schools, preferring rather to keep them home to help with family duties.

  • How is TCM's Sponsorship Program evangelistic?

1. We take children from Muslim, Christian and unchurched families without discrimination.

2. Apart from having a genuine need, the only other requirement is that the child's guardian allow their child to attend the Saturday Bible Program at the church.

3. Because of the poverty, every family agrees because they want their child to have an opportunity to go to school, breaking the cycle of poverty.

4. In the Saturday program, children are taught the Bible, sing songs, dance and do a number of Bibically based activities as well as receive tutoring with their school work, and fed a hot lunch.

5. Many children receive Salvation through this program and then go and tell their friends and family about Jesus. Whole families have found Salvation, declaring, "Mohamed hasn't helped us, Allah hasn't helped us, the witchdoctors haven't helped us, but this Jesus, He has helped us." They want to know more.

6. Our Child Sponsorship Program has been a successful outreach in the community since 2004, providing an example of Christian love to families as we not only educate the children but care about them. Many of the children and their family members have received free medical care and food in Jesus' Name.

  • How do I sponsor a child?

1. After the children are accepted into the program, their picture and a few lines about them is posted on our website. You can choose a child online or if you prefer, TCM will assign a needy child to you.

2. Anyone can scroll through the children by age and gender on our website and choose a child to sponsor, or contact our office and we will assign a child to you.  If you choose a child on our website, click on the child's picture, to complete and submit the Sponsorship Application and choose your preferred method of payment.

3. Within two weeks, you will receive a packet in the mail. The packet contains information on the child, a photo, contact information to correspond with their child and information on Uganda.

  • Where do the sponsorship children come from? Are they all orphans?

1. All of the children come to us because they are living in poverty and need help to go to school. Our program director, Moses Bogere, screens the families when they apply for sponsorship to determine if there is a real need.

2. Death is a familiar thing in Uganda, touching virtually every family. When a parent dies, other relatives take the children into their homes. And because most live in destitute poverty, few can afford the required school fees to send their children to school. Some of our children are orphans, having lost both parents, some have one parent, and others have both parents but are living in a destitute state.

  • Where do the children attend school?

1. Terri Clark Ministries, Inc. does not have a school---All the children attend privately owned schools.

2. They go to different schools depending on their location. performance and grade level.

3. Many of the children are in boarding schools because their families do not have transportation to take them to and from school.  African boarding schools are simple schools which provide residence for the children.  The families must provide bedding, food and other items for their child's sustinance.  

  • How long is the sponsorship commitment? And how do I know my child is in school?

1. The term of your commitment to sponsor a child depends on the age and grade level of the child when you begin sponsorship. Our program carries a child from the Baby Class (age 3) through Senior 6 (age 18-20).  Some sponsors develop a strong bond with their child over the years and choose to continue helping them past their senior graduation.  This is completely optional and a decision that only the sponsor can make.  If they choose to continue with their child past Senior classes, their contributions can still be made through our ministry and they will continue to receive tax-deductions.

2. Our Ugandan Sponsorship Director, Moses Bogere and his staff works with our TCM staff Coordinator to follow the progress of each child, provide current photos, and updated family status for the sponsors.

3. All sponsorship money is paid by Moses Bogere at each school. No money is given directly to the families. In this way, Moses carefully monitors every child, their schooling and their needs.

4. If a child drops out of the program for any reason, whether they've completed school, they no longer need assistance, or their family moves away, the sponsor is notified and given an opportunity to choose another child. If they have credit on their sponsorship account, they can choose to apply it to a new child, donate it to the program, or receive a refund.

      Carol Nakawuka is a precious girl who has lost nearly every member of her family to AIDS and other diseases. Her sponsor, a soldier in Iraq, is not only giving her an education, but is showing Carol she has value in the sight of God and man. I can't think of a better way to invest $25 a month! Can you?

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