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"Pearl of Africa"

 "Put out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch."   Luke 5:4


  • Established in 1986, the church in Ntinda ministers to nearly 300 regular attendees.  Many stand outside to hear the Gospel because there is no room in the building. 
  • Recognizing the need to go out into all the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Pastor John Mubiru and his wife, Monique, organize teams to evangelize the remote areas of Uganda and Kenya.
  • By planting and nurturing churches in these remote areas, many Muslims and those in Occultic bondages are set free.
  • Because education is the only way for children to rise above their destitute poverty, the church in Ntinda began a sponsorship program. Sponsors pay the required school fees and associated expenses for children who would otherwise grow up without an education.  Sponsorships are $25 per month for a period of one year.  This covers tuition for a three term school year, books, school supplies, lunches and other incidentals which occasionally occur in very poor family situations such as medicines and additional food.
  • Parents or guardians  of sponsored children must agree to allow their children to attend Bible classes each week at the church.  Many of these families are Muslims and as a result, are finding Salvation.


Pastor John Mubiru and his wife Monique are Ugandan Christians answering the call of God to let down their nets into the deep waters of Uganda.  By preaching the gospel in remote areas of their country and in their own area, many souls are added to the Kingdom of God daily.  Compassion has motivated the establishment of a simple medical facility to meet the needs of the sick and dying.  

Terri's first encounter with Monique Mubiru was in 1998.  Hungry for Spiritual nourishment while on her visit to the United States, Monique attended a ladies Bible study led by Terri.  After meeting Monique and recognizing the sweetness of her spirit, Terri invited her to speak to the Bible study group the following week.  Expecting to hear of her medical clinic and financial needs, all were surprised when she never mentioned them.  Instead, she gave a powerful message on unforgiveness and her personal testimony.  She related how she found hope in Jesus after her father was brutally murdered by soldiers under Idi Amin's rule in the late 1970's.

Terri kept in touch with Monique through letters and email after her return to Uganda.  Two years later, Monique returned to the United States and spent two weeks  in Terri's home.  During this stay, Monique invited her to come to Uganda

The following year, Terri boarded a plane and headed for East Africa.  Monique organized a week-long conference in her church in Ntinda and another week-long conference in Kenya.  They also traveled to several remote villages in the surrounding areas where Terri spoke in the small churches planted by their ministry.  

Ray of Hope Medical Center

  • For twenty years, Monique, a trained nurse, treated many patients with AIDS, Malaria and various infectious diseases out of a small room in her home in Ntinda. 
  • To meet the ever-increasing need for health services, the church they pastor has partnered with Terri Clark Ministries in building a three-story medical building in the village of Ntinda.
  • With little outside support, this vision was slow to be realized.  God, however, is ever-faithful to see the work that was begun by faith through to the end.
  • The first and second floors are now complete.
  • The first floor contains a pharmacy, a small lab, two examination rooms, and an office for Monique. The second floor will facilitate recovery for patients and contain hospital beds to bring comfort and healing.
  • The final two phases of the Ray of Hope Medical Center have begun. The first is a surgical wing with its own filtration and air systems for a sterile environment. The second is the completion of the third and final floor.
  • Medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals are minimal for such a great need.  Even so, as Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes, thousands of local people are helped by this small clinic.              



Second floor compelete as of 2006
20 patient beds and site of Operating Theater designated

A Note from Terri

"I saw destitute poverty first-hand.  I talked with people whose lives are filled with hope because of the Word preached to them by this couple.  I saw many treated and prayers spoken over them by Christian nurses in a tiny medical clinic in Monique and John's home.  I became a part of the Mubiru household which consists of four children of their own, two adopted children (their parents died of AIDS and other diseases), a nurse, and two young women taken in after they were abandoned by family when they became believers." 

Terri saw first-hand the dedication and love for Christ in this family and in their church.  Their need is incredible, but it has not deterred them from answering God's call.





  • To complete and equip the medical clinic. 
  • To purchase a vehicle for the church's outreach program.  All transportation is hired and is a very great expense.
  • To provide teaching materials and Bibles to new believers.
  • To expand the church building to accommodate the growing numbers.


  • The church in Ntinda welcomes missionaries to come to Uganda to preach the Gospel
  • Church groups are invited to help in the construction of the clinic.
  •  Doctors and nurses are invited to minister medically to the sick.

Click Here To See How You Can Fund A Child's Education in Uganda

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