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Uganda FAQ'S 
  • How do I contact my child?
    You may contact your child by writing to them at the following address: P.O. Box 244 Kampala,Uganda *On the lower left hand corner of the envelope please write "Sponsor Letter & Your Child ID Number"
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  • Mail:
    All mail must be addressed to Monique Mubiru. No one else is authorized to receive mail at this address. Monique will deliver the sponsor mail to Moses Bogere, the program director, who in turn will deliver it to the child.
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  • Photos:
    Children especially love receiving photos of their sponsors. They treasure every photograph
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  • Packages:
    Packages can be sent to your child at the same address as above. Suggested items to send to your child are toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, washcloths, books. School supplies consist of spiral notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, pens, crayons, glue, rulers, erasers, backpacks. Keep in mind that postal charges are determined by weight. A heavy package can be quite costly. Please Note: Small packages are preferred to large ones. Larger packages are more likely to be charged taxes (Uganda ministry must pay them to receive package). They often wave the small ones through without charge. Put "donation" on custom forms. Taxes are based on value listed.
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  • EMAIL:
    Emails can be sent to your child through the Children's Program Director. Email address: You can check to see if mail or packages were received by contacting our director in Uganda.
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  • Cash:
    Please do not send cash to your child. If you wish to help their family with a monetary gift, it is strongly suggested that you send it to Terri Clark Ministries, Inc. When you send a gift, just put a notation on how you would like the money to be distributed. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt and the money will be included in the monthly wires to Uganda. The director will then oversee the distribution the money to the family for theirs or the child's specific needs, making sure it is used as directed so that no advantage is taken of the sponsor or their gift.
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  • General Fund:
    All of the children benefit from the general fund set up for the Children's program. Should you decide you want to contribute more than your regular sponsorship, just make a notation on your check, payable to Terri Clark Ministries, Inc. The Children's General Fund is used to feed the 300-400 children each Saturday, buy school supplies, books, food and medicines as needed and provide tutoring help with children who have fallen behind in their grade levels because they haven't been able to attend school. The families are very poor and they depend on the church to help. This fund is our only source for providing this help.
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  • Tax Deductible Contributions:
    Terri Clark Ministries, Inc. is a publicly supported, non profit corporation. All contributions are tax deductible whether it is general donation, or specifically for the Children's Sponsorship Program. 100% of your donations into the Sponsorship program benefit the children.
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  • How is it that 100% of all monies collected in the sponsorship program go toward the children's needs?
    The answer is in how our program is structured. At Terri Clark Ministries, Inc., we regard our sponsor's money with the utmost respect and are thereby committed to handling it with integrity. We have budgeted the sponsor's money, $80 per term, to pay for the school's tuition, school supplies, and uniforms. The children go to various schools with varying tuition amounts, depending on the school and grade level. If there is money remaining after the basic needs for enrollment are met, then it goes into our Children's general fund. This money is used for the children when they have other needs during the term. The families are very poor and do not have money to pay for medicines if they fall ill with Malaria or something else, and some of our children are in boarding schools and have need for food during the term and this is also provided from the general fund. Terri Clark Ministries, Inc. provides an additional contribution each month, apart from the sponsorship monies, to the General fund to pay for the Saturday Bible Program. The Saturday program feeds the children lunch most Saturdays as well as tutoring. The main function of the Saturday program is to teach the Bible. We pay the teachers a modest salary from the General Fund. None of the Sponsorship monies are used for our overhead expenses in the ministry. Terri does not draw a salary and volunteers help with office work. The minimal overhead expenses are paid by TCM contributors and money earned by Terri's speaking and writing.
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Site Mailing List 
Terri Clark Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 135 • Pearcy, AR 71964 • Phone: 501-760-2343

Terri Clark Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, publicly supported non-profit corporation.