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Shadow's From the Past
Learning your new spouse in a second marriage.

Discipline Discord
Balancing discipline in a
Blended Family

Workshop Topics 

Stepfamily Workshops:

  • Family Foundations: Biblically Building a Stepfamily

Building your home on a rock-solid, biblical foundation is the key to successful family blending. Based on the Parable of the Two Builders in Luke 6, Terri relates Jesus' example of how we must do the hard work of digging deep to realize our vision of a solid home which can withstand the inevitable storms of blending.

  • Taming a Stepfamily's Tug of War: Stepparent/Stepchild Power Struggles

Using Jesus' Parable in Luke 5 as an example, Terri shows stepparents how they are like a new piece of denim that is being "patched" into a soft and comfortable pair of jeans (an existing family). The stepparent is often rejected by the children because of loyalties to their real mom or dad. It takes a few "washings" and a transitional period before a stepchild can accept a stepparent's authority and position as a parent in the home. With lots of practical advice on how to work through some of these washings, this session is a must for every blended family.

  • Perplexes of the Exes

This seminar deals with one of the biggest challenges in a stepfamily: the exes. Terri addresses the major conflicts that arise from such outside influences in a stepfamily and gives practical advice on how to deal with the conflict and alienation that the presence of exes can bring.

  • Visitation Values

When dealing with issues of child custody, it can be difficult for a stepparent to cope. Terri's "Visitation Values" workshop presents the parent with new ways to instill values during visitation, while helping the child adjust to the transition between two homes during such critical periods as weekend visitaiton, holidays and summertime.  

  • Reconnecting and Reconciling Differences

In a stepfamily, emotions run high when talking about children. Since communication is key in every relationship, it is even more important when blending a family. This workshop gives advice on how best to communicate in your marriage and as a family. Terri will equip you with the tools to communicate, enabling you to reconnect and reconcile differences. 

  • Growing Step Relationships

In "Growing Step Relationships" Terri gives practical ways to help a parent grow into new stepfamily relationships. Just as sewing a new piece of fabric onto an old garment, one has to go through a few washings to adjust. A relationship must be formed before a new family can work together.

  • Creating New Traditions: Treasuring Your New Family

One thing that brings a family together is its tradititons. Terri uses this seminar to explain how two families can become one by coming up with fun and creative ideas to form new traditions. This workshop is also great for the holidays.

  • Merging Money: Blending Family Finances

When two families come together, they often end up with two sets of everything, including bills, appliances, houses and overall expenses. This workshop looks at the financial aspects of blending a family, while making its finances manageable.

  • The Balance Beam: Creating Balance Out of Chaos

In a stepfamily, it can be difficult for children to adjust to living in two households with two separate sets of rules, expectations and parenting methods. Through this teaching, Terri gives advice on how to achieve a sense of balance and normalcy in a stepfamily's home.

  • Becoming One: The Blended Marriage

This seminar presents the key to having a successful blended family--becoming one in marriage. It focuses on the parents, teaching them to concentrate on their marriage, while learning how to deal with extensive outside influences.

  • Translating Teen Talk: Relating to Teenagers in a Stepfamily

"Translating Teen Talk" looks at the various forms of communication and ways parents can communicate and relate to their teens in a stepfamily.


Single Parent Workshops:

  • "The Juggler 1" (Balancing Act I): Juggling Single Life with Parent Life

A good juggler never drops a ball. The life of a single parent is like that of a juggler. Every day they have to balance their adult life (work, keeping a house, meals, bills, discipline and relationships) with their child's life (school, homework, activities, friends, TV and internet.)

In this session, Terri gives single parents practical, tangible help in balancing an otherwise hectic and stressful life.

  • "The Juggler 2" (Balancing Act II): Finding Balance in Dating and Parenting

Whether you're thinking about dating and re-marriage or not, relationships happen. Balancing parenting and dating is a delicate process single parents should be prepared for - before it happens. In this session, Terri takes a Biblical and proactive approach on how single parents can avoid the emotional pitfalls associated with relationships and remarriage. Topics include loyalties, affirming love, why your child acts out around your date, and much more.



Other Family Workshops:


  • The Next Generation--Rearing Grandchildren 

In the "golden years" no one ever expects to be rearing another generation. In this workshop, Terri gives biblical principles for closing the generation gap as well as insightful instruction to the difficult balance between grandparenting and guardianship.

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